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July 31, 2009


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Will the latest viral sensation save Chris Brown’s career? That is the question Eonline asks. If Chris Brown makes a successful comeback in the post-Rihanna era, will he owe a big debt to YouTube?

The couple that danced down the wedding aisle to “Forever” has had over 13 million views and as Eonline states thus its has “reinvigorated people’s love for the feel-good song.” The year-old Brown track is currently positioned in the Top 5 on iTunes and Amazon’s MP3 store.

To us, it is just the latest example of the power of social media.

July 27, 2009


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With such a diverse client mix at Zapwater, we have the chance to work with hotels, restaurants, boutiques, corporations and more. While fashion shows, events and openings are oh-so-fun and chic; it’s always exciting when a client is involved with a bigger cause. In this case, One Mind, Body & Being (the go-to Pilates and Yoga Studio in Bucktown) is joining forces with St. Jude’s to raise money and awareness for cancer and research. Next Thursday, July 30th, One will host an evening of cocktails, appetizers, music and swag (including TONS of great must-haves!) all to benefit St. Jude’s. Pre-sale tickets are only 40 bucks and will do wonders for anyone’s Karma! Check out for more information and hope to see you all there!

Holly Winter

July 15, 2009


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As the date of my wedding looms closer (123 days to go) my brain is spinning
with details of dessert, welcome baskets, thank you cards and design. As the
planning of my wedding has been fairly easy – it is in Mexico after all – I
have been getting more and more nervous about the décor details, as I won’t
be seeing it before the big day. Nightmares have been going through my mind
lately…will there be flannel napkins? Or doilies on the tables? Felt
Embroidery, maybe? God I hope not.

In lieu of this, I enlisted some great help from my dear friend and
brilliant event designer, Kara Superfine, who created this amazing
inspiration board for me to use. (pic attached) She recently started a blog
about design, décor and all things fabulous. It’s something that I get
inspiration from every single day and I wanted to share with the rest of my
Zapwater blog reading friends. For anyone that needs a little decorating muse in their life, check out and add a little flare to the next event you throw or room you decorate.

Annie Neyman
Group Director, Hospitality

July 12, 2009


I’m reluctant to admit it, but I’m not much of a baseball fan. Don’t get me wrong, nothing could make a sunny afternoon at the ballpark more perfect. But regarding the actual logistics of the game, I’m clueless! I couldn’t even tell you how many innings there are in a game. Fortunately for me, Chicago baseball chatter has more to do with the never-ending rivalry between the North side’s Cubs and the South side’s White Sox than the play-by-play of each game.

In the Windy City, team affiliation is part of one’s identity. When Ozzie Guillen famously announced, “But one thing about Wrigley Field, I puke every time I go there,” the quote made headlines and Twitter and Facebook posts for days! On game days, the city becomes a sea of black, silver and white or blue and red like clockwork. Some area businesses have taken this prime opportunity to add a little fuel to the fire.

The Hotel Sax Chicago recently introduced the “North Side/South Side” package for Cubs and Sox fans. The package is perfect for fans or rivalry-enthusiasts like myself to make an exciting weekend out of the big games. The package includes complimentary overnight valet parking, a minimum of a one-night stay in a double bedded deluxe guest room, a complimentary drink in either the Hotel Sax technology lounge, “the Studio,” or Crimson Lounge, a sports backpack, Garrett’s popcorn, two bottles of water for the game, travel size sunscreen, a disposable camera, Cubs or Sox peanuts, a Cubs or Sox pennant, either Harry Caray’s world famous Holy Cow Chips or Jay’s Potato Chips for South side fans, a custom-made walking map to either US Cellular Park or Wrigley Field and a round-trip CTA Card.

After enjoying the day at their respective parks, guests are encouraged to write their inspired North Side or South Side story on the Hotel Sax Web site ( At the end of August, the best North Side and South Side stories will be chosen. Winners will receive an autographed baseball from a player on his/her favorite team!

So whether you’re a die-hard baseball fan or simply like to partake in the fun rivalry of baseball season, this package is perfect for an unforgettable Chicago weekend! Game on!

Susie Schreiber
Senior Publicist

July 10, 2009


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If you thought that was funny, you should try spending a day at Zapwater. On numerous occasions, the other interns and I have said that this office could very well have it’s own reality TV show, or at the very least, rival “The Office.” Now granted, our boss is much more intelligent than Michael Scott (although they both share a love for a good pair of jeans) and the numerous publicists aren’t nearly as high strung as Dwight Shrute but around here at Zapwater, there is never a dull moment. Between going to some pretty cool events, such as the AKIRA/FORD MODELS fashion walk-off at Crimson Lounge, to dealing with some intensely unique clients, I would have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my internship here this summer.

After interning at T. Rowe Price last year, I had a good idea of what working for a large corporation’s marketing and communications department was like, however, I always wondered what it would be like at the other extreme. Here at Zapwater, we are a small boutique PR firm. With it being so intimate, I have gotten the chance to find out what its like to work on a more personal level with all of my co-workers. The fact that I get to have contact with numerous clients and media as well as attend all of the events we host is truly a great feeling; I can see what my hard work is going towards and even in the short period of time I’ve been here, can see the outcome.

After the AKIRA/FORD MODELS fashion walk-off, Kevin and I were approached by an individual who started to chat up Zapwater. He said that we are quite possibly the coolest PR firm he knew of because we get all of the “cool, chic clients,” such as Crimson Lounge. I knew that I was impressed with our clientele but to have someone on the outside approach me, just an intern, and rave about Zapwater was great! When I’m at Zapwater, I work hard, but it’s nice to know that the office doesn’t shy away from having their share of fun. I always leave the office with something new to tell my friends back home that happened that day and they’re jealous that I’m having such a great experience but also a fabulous time! Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, going to a sneak preview of “The Proposal” or just sitting around getting lunch together, Zapwater has it’s own type of feel that I can’t even describe. And although we don’t usually play pranks on each other like on The Office, (except for a curious incident with a box of matches…), we all know how to have a good time at work. I’ve always believed that if you could find something fun that you love doing, and can make money doing it, you’ve found yourself the perfect job. Zapwater Communications has surpassed my expectations for a summer internship and definitely fulfills my criteria for the ultimate career.

Kristin Dodson

July 6, 2009


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Have you ever found an old friend on Facebook and asked yourself how on earth is this possible? I sure have. Remember when you used to do things and not update your Twitter about it? I don’t either! However, fear not, I think I have found a video to help you visualize the evolution of social media from its humble beginnings (Friendster anyone?) to present day.

Press play and you will see “that guy”. We all know and love “that guy” but few of us have the courage to be him. Dancing wildly, and poorly, as if acting in a modern-day music video for the Beatles “Fool on the Hill”, he has attracted a lot of gawking from fellow festival -goers, but not much else. However, keep watching and you will see after about a minute that “that guy” is really on to something!

Now go back and imagine your life before social media. If someone came up to you and said you can join a website where you can use 140 characters to tell people what you’re doing any time, or you could post your diary online for everyone to see, you would probably laugh just like you laughed at our dancing friend, “that guy”. But fast-forward to now and we’re like all the dancing fools that have caught on to what “that guy” knew all along. So next time someone tells you their seemingly insane idea, I hope you think of our dear friend “that guy” and start moving your feet to their beat before the rest of the world catches on.

Emma Richards

Assistant Publicist

July 1, 2009


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Surprise! My husband and I recently found out that I am pregnant. Of course we are super excited for the new little person to arrive, but our timing could have been a little better. The real estate market bottoming out with the worst economy since the depression might make it a little difficult for us to unload our place. We listed our ‘cozy’ home anyway and have made a thinly veiled attempt to pretend that it’s really a condo and not a kennel. Did I mention we have three dogs (yes, three) and we live in a 900-square foot one bedroom condo?

We have a 75-pound Bulldog, Leonard, and two Chihuahuas, Lola and Daisy. Poor Leonard, he’s just a hot mess slobbering and lumbering around. Lola is geriatric at nearly 18 years of age. She’s almost blind and can barely eat with the couple teeth she has left. She’ll be forced down for a dirt nap in the very near future if it doesn’t happen naturally. And then there’s Daisy. She hops around like a rabbit because she’s got bad knees and uses the bathroom as a cat would…indoors…because she’s afraid to go outside. If I were a prospective buyer and walked into a house with these three, I’d turn around and run the other direction. Wish us luck.

In addition to the worries of selling the dog care facility we currently call home, we’re also nervous of how these three will respond to a new crying baby. Based on their first encounter with small children this past weekend, my guess is not well. Chaos ensued after my friend stopped by with her two little girls. Leonard was overwhelmed with excitement and with a quivering bottom lip was frantically licking them while jumping up and pawing them. Lola tried to bite one of the little girls with her useless remaining tooth. Shockingly, Daisy was the best of the bunch. Shaking with fear, she was the perfect size for a toddler to hold, pet and walk.

What exactly are we going to do with the other two? Hopefully Jamie Damato, animal trainer extraordinaire and owner of AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior, Inc., will be able to help. We’ll definitely be signing up for the “Bowser and the Baby” seminar at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Mayra Bacik


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